My name is Mallory Grace Regan. Most people call me Mallory or Mal, and my favorite people eventually get to “Mal Pal”. It always makes me smile.
I was raised in the city, but my heart lives in the mountains.
I am a slow hiker, a decent skier, and a proud Subaru owner.
I drink my coffee black and my whiskey neat.

I spent most of my life in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that I love a lot more now that I don’t live there. I moved to Bozeman a month after graduating college in search of a place to clear my head, and I never left.

INFJ: social introvert, creative and responsible, artistic and logical, spiritual and scientific
(I love spending time with people but need a few hours wrapped in a blanket with hot tea afterwards)
Stereotypical Oldest Child, one little brother in San Antonio, TX
Newly married to a musician/cowboy/photographer/handyman

When I’m not shooting, you can find me pouring beer at Map Brewing Company, volunteering at Journey Church, or somewhere in the woods. 

I’d love to be a part of your story. 



Personal Posts

my adventures & personal work

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