As a photographer, you either love shooting weddings or you hate it.

I love it.

I love the emotion, the chaos, the tiny moments that add up to create the most important and memorable day of your life. The trouble is that our memories don’t always serve us well and some of these moments slip through the cracks. That’s where I come in. My job is to help you remember, and that isn’t a responsibility that I take lightly. I will be there to catch every moment without creating a distraction or taking away from the magic of your day. Aside from a little direction to help you look your best, the goal is that you barely notice that I’m there.


At the end of the day, you will forget a lot of the details about your wedding. You will forget what you ate for dinner, the pattern on the groomsmen’s ties, the flavor of icing on the cake, or the color of your flowers. What will last are your wedding photos. You deserve to have photos that you will remind you of your love and happiness on your wedding day in 10, 20, and 50 years! It is worth investing in photos that you will be proud of forever.

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Shooting weddings in Bozeman, Montana is a dream come true. The beautiful scenery is an obvious draw, but what I love even more is the stories of the couples that get married here. Brides and grooms travel from all over the country to have their wedding out west, and it inspires me to work as hard as I can for them! I moved to Bozeman because I love the lifestyle in this town, and I love the weddings that are planned here. Let’s start a conversation about yours!


Let’s start a conversation!